Ol South Pancake House
Faviorite breakfast spot in Ft. Worth (the new greek omlet is awesome-and of course the German pancake-yum yum)
Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive
The best! Wonderful view, exceptional service, superior cuisine
Wintery Pics
Winter in Suddy Valley
THe Porterhouse Pub
I'll be performing here on Tuesday nights with Dan Duggin.
Laura In Washington
Check out these pics of Mt. Baker taken 10/12/08.
Fall Colors
Check out my pictures from Silver Lake near Bellingham taken last Sunday. What a wonderful trek that was.
Beatnik Monkey
Supercaaaaaar, supercaaaaar, supercaaaaarrr! Check it out.
You Tube
Laura Overstreet, Dave McGuire and Robert Ray at Archer Ale House October 19th, 2008
Buddy Whittington
Check out Buddy Whittington's new CD. Also-look for his feature in Vintage Guitar Magazine this month
Patrick McGuire Recording
That Nashville sound comes from the talents of Patrick McGuire. Thanks, Patrick!
Tejas Brothers
Dave Perez makes the track "Hot Texas Sun" sizzle. Look for it on the new CD "Sundays"
Reggie Rueffer
Reggie provides the wicked fiddle on "Sundays" available soon. Check out his new music in the meantime. Be sure to listen to "Miranda, You Ain't Right"
Ovation Restaurant
Favorite place to be on Mondays when in Fort Worth. Buddy, Mouse, Wayne, and Mike rock the house.
Buy the CD
Click here to link to CD Baby and buy As Is
Milo Deering
Milo provides steel, fiddle, slide and mandolin on As Is
Dave Mason's Official Website
Click on my favorist classic rock artist and my friends in the band.
Check out KISM's Locals Only
The Wild Buffalo
Favorite live music spot in Bellingham
Rocket Donuts
Great combo of B Sci Fi and Donuts!